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Malcolm D’Souza, CPA, CA, MBA
Interim CEO
Malcolm D’Souza was appointed Executive Vice-President in January 2012. His previous titles were Chief Financial Officer in 2004 and Vice-President, Claims in 2003. Malcolm has over 15 years of experience in managing Chartered Accountants’ claims. In 1994, he joined the company as Claims Manager of the newly created in-house claims department with Chartered Professional Accountants and lawyers on staff to assist members throughout the claims process.

Kelly Crandell
Program Manager
As Program Manager, Kelly oversees the responsibilities of the Program Representatives and personally processes the policies for major accounts. She works directly with the insurer(s) to establish underwriting guidelines and procedures as well as communicates with the insurer(s) on client issues such as coverage beyond the existing guidelines. Kelly was previously responsible for the development of claims procedures and the monitoring of claim files which eventually led to the creation of the in-house Claims Services Team.

Nadine Chang
Manager, Operations
Nadine Chang joined the company in 1992. Nadine’s hands-on knowledge of the different aspects of the organization’s operations is a result of the various positions she has held.

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